Call for Films

Given the events of the January 25th revolution, we are seeking short
documentary films that address the events of the last month for a
program entitled, “Streaming the Revolution.” We hope to present a
variety of short films that have captured this revolutionary moment.
We will feature this program during the opening weekend alongside a
panel discussion about technology, documentary, and social uprisings.
We are interested in films that showcase the personal narratives and
stories of the uprisings, and in particular we seek material that
presents the revolution in a unique or rare fashion.

We ask that the films be under 10 minutes in length, and need to be
submitted via YouTube (or another video network site) by March 20th in
order to be considered. Once the video has been uploaded to YouTube,
please email us at with the link, and provide the
information concerning the title, director, editor, etc. Once we
receive the link we will confirm your submission and will notify you
shortly of the decision. As with all other submissions, we request
that all films have english subtitles.